Tantrum Mobile App & Assessment

Tantrum is a mobile application, online assessment, and branded campaign with the mission of educating new parents to teach their children healthy tech habits. Collaborating with a team of three other students, our design solution includes interactive, print, and motion elements.

Collaborative Team:
Rachel Lee, Bennett Nestok, Christina Holtkamp, Meg Dirutigliano

How do we educate new mothers to teach their children healthy tech habits?



Provides resources on the subjects of parenting and mobile technology, urging parents to work toward better habits when it comes to using mobile technology.


Raises awareness on the prevalence of unhealthy screen-time habits for children and provides them with a personalized plan for implementing better habits.


Suggests action by prompting parents to adopt better practices when it comes to parenting and mobile technology, including better personal habits, schedules, and setting screen-time limits. 


printed Applications

Visual storyboard