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Spotlight is an ongoing, curated collection of items uniquely designed to immerse teams in who the consumer is, long after the research ends. Team members can come together to learn more about their consumers through a variety of experiential stimulus and data—ranging from insights to trends. These distinct Kits enable a cohesive and engaging experience at every touchpoint.


Case Study: Seeing the World Through a Different Lens

Failing to understand the historical filter and its impact on black culture widens the existing chasm of misunderstanding and disconnect. With Seek’s Studio team, I created Encounter Kits designed to challenge Sales, Insight, and Marketing teams to see the world through the lens of today’s African American consumer. The activity was based around 5 central themes: Lifestyle, Influence, Growth, History, and Thinking. The quickcard provides a snapshot of valuable insights, strategic ways to reach this consumer, and personal care spending as it compares to non-African American shoppers. The USB key unlocks additional data for this consumer.